Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Great Britain- Britain Is Great!

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I am guilty of not blogging enough. It is a big commitment of time and takes some dedication. Thanks to everyone who reads my posts, I hope you find them interesting.
I have decided to write about Great Britain, anything British that is Great. After recent events in London & Manchester, one gets the impression that there are people who originate from foreign climes who hate our country. So if there's anyone out there reading this, get this message: If you don't like Great Britain we are not forcing you to stay so PLEASE LEAVE.

That's the rant over. I think the first post of this new theme should be about Roy Larner, hero of Saturday night's terrorist attack in London. When three terrorists stormed into a Steakhouse Restaurant shouting 'Allah' etc, he replies 'F*** You I'm Millwall!' and took on three knife wielding maniacs with his bare fists allowing dozens to escape. There is a petition online recommending him for the George Cross for bravery. Please sign it, he is a brave man.
Roy Larner, Millwall fan & hero of Saturday night's London I.S attack.