Thursday, 29 July 2010

David Cameron - Think Before You Open Your Mouth Please

What On Earth Were You Thinking?

You may have heard, our P.M Mr Cameron made a right royal cock up by stating the following whilst on his hols in the United States;

We (Great Britain) were the junior partner in 1940 in the Second World War.

Are you mad?
We, the British Empire, were fighting alone after Dunkirk and The Fall of France. Apart from the American pilots in the Eagle Squadrons of the Royal Air Force and American sailors on armed escort ships and merchant shipping, there were no Americans taking part in active fighting against the Axis powers. However, if it were not for America, and in particular PresidentRoosevelt we would have not received guns, tanks other essential materiel.
The U.S.A did not win the Second World War, it was a combined effort from Great Britain and the Empire, The Soviet Union and The United States. Get your facts right Cameron.

Mr Churchill would never had said anything so demeaning about this country