Monday, 10 December 2012

A Yorkshire Family Afloat

 A good friend of mine - John Paul is  in the process of blogging the nautical exploits of himself and his family. In 1980, he had built a yacht himself, and his family and an adopted son ( for the voyage) set off from Scarborough via the French Canals, the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal and Red Sea for Singapore.
read about their exploits here: 

There was a entry in the Yorkshire Post of the event, which  was re-printed in November 2012,

IN July 1980, the Paul family from Pickering set forth on a sailing adventure from Scarborough to Singapore. The intrepid group included John Paul, his wife Brenda, their daughters Belinda, 22, Nicola, 19 and Katie, 16, and family friend 18-year-old Peter Wood. Sadly, they had to abandon the voyage after a severe storm near Port Said in December that year damaged their 33ft motor yacht Ambition. “We were told it was one of the worst storms for 20 years. We were rolled onto our side, but fortunately we picked up quickly,” said Mr Paul.

(Entry found via, 10/12/12).