Friday, 3 July 2015

Your Home As An Air Raid Shelter (1940) #WW2

Excellent Pathe film demonstrating how to protect yourselves in an air raid.

Battle Of Oran - The Destruction Of The French Fleet July 3rd 1940 #WW2 #1940

German propaganda poster Battle of Oran
July 3rd 1940 was a dark day for both British and French navies. The bulk of the French fleet came under attack from H-Force (Royal Navy) at Mers-el-Kebir near Oran in Operation Catapult. Churchill had given the French a choice - sail to the USA, surrender to the British fleet or you will be attacked. The French fleet could have been taken over by Germany or even fought on the German side like the Vichy French. July 1940 was not a time to be gambling with Britain standing alone against Germany. so the Royal Navy attacked. 1297 French  sailors were killed, 5 battleships damaged, one sunk. In one engagement the British had killed more French than Germans since 1940. Not a proud moment in our history, but perhaps necessary. Actual war diaries from Force H can be found here: