Thursday, 9 September 2010

Dusting Off The Soapbox

Several things have caught my attention in the news and other media this week;
1) Twinings Tea at South Shields
2) The burning of the Koran in the U.S.A.
3) William Hague and his Driver

Twinings Tea in North Shields are laying off their English workforce producing their famous tea in Poland. As if this isn't bad enough, the existing staff have to train the East Europeans how to do their jobs before they are all sacked. This is disgusting, Twinings profits were up 20% to £331m this year , so it is just motivated by greed to move production to Poland. So I think we should all stop drinking Twinings Tea and write to them in protest.

Burning the Koran in the United States. An American Pastor, Terry Jones and a group of Evangelists plan to burn the Koran  on September 11th as a protest against terrorism. They are obviously not Christians to perform such an abysmal act. These are the same people perhaps who burnt Beatles records. Are they also the same people who burnt books in Germany in 1933? This is really an outrage. After all, don't Muslims and Christians alike worship God, albeit under different names?

Why the fuss about William Hague? The balding, sometimes pompous balding boring Tory. These things may be true about the Richmondshire and Hambleton M.P, but I think he would have been ok as a Prime-Minister. So what's the big deal about him sharing a room with another male? Christopher Myers has been forced to resign due to pressure from the press and media on his family. Does it mean that every man who shares a room with another man is gay? That means all men must be gay then eh? Boy, the press are getting hard up for stories.