Friday, 5 August 2011

Hello Cicely, It's Chris in the morning...

Following yesterday's post about Northern Exposure, I thought I would tell folks about a second-hand book I bought off a few years ago. Chris In - The - Morning, Love Life, and The Whole Karmic Enchilada. This was compiled and edited by Louis Chunovic, and was based upon the T.V series Northern Exposure.

This is one of those books that you can pick up anytime, as it consists of excerpts from the resident D.J of Cicely, Chris. Chris was played by John Cobbett in the Northern Exposure series, and is probably more familiar to people who watch Sex And The City. Chris always seemed to have a wise impartial view of the world on his radio show. This is Chris and his experience of Christmas Eve in 1968:

Back in the winter of '68, my Dad was doing  a short term for d&d.
At least I think he did. I don't remember Buster's exact words but that's not important. What matters is a seven year old boy experienced his own Epiphany. My point? It's that Christmas reveals itself to each of us in a personal way - be it secular or sacred. Whatever Christmas is- and it's many things to many people- we all own a piece of it. It's kinda like Santa's bag - inside there's a gift for everyone.
My Christmas wish for you tonight: may your dog talk.
pp22-23, Chris In - The - Morning, Love Life, and The Whole Karmic Enchilada,Chunovic (1993).

Sometimes wacky, sometimes weird, sometimes enlightening leaving you with a warm glow that only wise words can leave, this book is a must for any fan of Northern Exposure.
Enjoy this excerpt from You Tube from series 2, A Kodiac Moment.