Friday, 20 February 2015

More On B-17 Flying Fortresses - Lt Don Christenson Carrying Fire: A Video Tribute

This is one of the best blog posts I have seen because there is so much original material in the slide show. Fellow Blogger Don Christenson has put together some brilliant material about his father Lt Don Christenson who was a B-17 pilot in the Second World War. His latest blog post is a slide show about his Father's early life, trips to Denmark and Sweden, his engagement to his Mother, joining the Police Dept and the U.S.A.A.F. Please click on the link and see for yourselves.

Carrying Fire: A Video Tribute: As I mentioned in yesterday

#WW2 The Role Of The Air Raid Warden, Or Air Raid Patrol In The Second World War

Most people who enjoy watching the repeats of Dad's Army on #BBC2 on Saturdays, will probably have an image in their minds that the ARP or Air raid Warden in World War 2, was something of a pest, somebody like the character Hodges who let the power go to his head, ordering people about. In some cases this might have been true (Hodges was based on a real Air Raid Warden) but the Air Raid Warden was an authority figure the government could not do without, they had to make sure the blackout regulations were adhered to.

In the hours of darkness the A.R.W had to make sure homes were blacked out - not showing any light from their homes whatsoever. This was to make the Luftwaffe's bombing less accurate. After bombing raids Air Raid Wardens helped dig out survivors. Air Raid Wardens also issued fines if regulations weren't followed, this did not make them popular but was a necessary deterrent. In exceptional cases people could be imprisoned.
The video below shows what the Blitz was like in British cities during the war.