Sunday, 21 February 2010


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My little lad is obsessed with Noddy. He reads Noddy, watches Noddy on T.V and video, wears a hat his Nana knitted him which is blue and has a jingly bell. He has Noddy cars, soft Noddy toys and if given the chance, talks about nothing else.

He is not the only child to develop a craze about a fictional character, but it proves that Enid Blyton wrote children's books that have lasted the course of time. It is rather sad that Golliwogs were removed on the assumption (by the politically daft mob) that they were racist. I never associated them with black people, I always thought they were another soft toy like a teddy bear.They have left the main characters in, of course, but I have noticed Big Ears is appearing less than he used to on the T.V show and Mr Sparks the mechanic has been replaced by a robot. Shame.

On a more positive note Noddy has got some really good new vehicles including a monster truck and submarine. May it never leave the T.V screen.

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