Monday, 21 September 2015

Resistance & Fighting Axis Occupation In the Second World War

Resistance, as shown on More4

Apologies for not blogging more recently, but there has been so much to watch on TV about The Battle Of Britain it has left little time for writing. Then I saw this brilliant French TV serial about the French  Resistance. It centres around a group of people distributing a newspaper called Resistance. You can follow this link to watch it on More4

 The docility of many French people in Occupied France is apparent, the collaboration of the Police with the Germans is sickening, and the lack of freedom apparent. Most Frenchmen did collaborate with the enemy, how they could hold their heads high after the war is a mystery to me. 
Resistance fighters provided a valuable source of intelligence to the Allies (as long as they weren't infiltrated like the Dutch underground). If it wasn't for brave fighters risking their lives, many former prisoners of war would not have reached safety after escaping. They also caused chaos behind the lines, destroying railways, bridges and other acts of sabotage.