Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Purple Man Of York

Today I visited York and we saw the Purple man in Stonegate. I don't quite understand what he does, but he's harmless. Someone told me he was getting bullied for his harmless antics, this, if true is sad. I thought it was nice to see him back. He even has a website:

Thursday, 5 April 2012

On This Day In History

What happened years ago on April 5th?
                                       The Admiral Hipper after being hit by bombs.   Image found at : accessed 5/4/12.

The Soviet 3rd Ukrainian Front reaches the outskirts of Vienna which has minimal German forces to defend it. In the West, the French First Army (de Tassigny) captures Karlsruhe on the upper Rine. The US 8th Air Force carries out another heavy attack (450 bombers) against Kiel which causes severe damage to the cruisers Hipper and Emden. Found at:, (accessed 5/4/12).

Less than a month later and the Germans unconditionally surrendered.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Happy Birthday John Craven's Newsround

There aren't many people who haven't heard of John Craven. There are still a lot of us left who remember his revolutionary Newsround on BBC1. It was great for catching up on the news as a child, he wasn't a pompous public school boy talking down to us, he spoke to us on a level without being boring. You can still see Newsround on BBC1, although John Craven no longer presents it, he retired from the programme in 1989. He is now a presenter on Countryfile.

I can't believe it has being going for 40 years, here's the link for the full story on the good old B.B.C. website:

And some You-tube footage;

Can you believe Curry's gave away free CB radios when CB became legal in 1981?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Farewell and Adieu To Niall Quinn an SAFC Saviour

Today Niall Quinn officially cut all ties with Sunderland Football Club. Over the last 5 years he has been responsible for the drive that took Sunderland to the top half of the Premiership, turning them from a yoyo club into a professional first class team. He has retired from the club to concentrate on his family life and business interests in Eire. On behalf of all Sunderland fans worldwide, I just wanted to say thanks Niall.