Friday, 26 February 2010

Fruit Crumble

This was the first recipe we made when we started the Allertonshire School in 1982. I made this yesterday and used tinned pears. You can also use apple, bramble and apple, fruit cocktail etc.
4 oz plain/S.R flour
2oz sugar
2oz margarine/butter
1 lb cooking apples or any other fruit
3oz sugar
OR 1 tin of fruit/ frozen fruit/1 tin of pie filling
Oven 190 Celsius for 20 -40 minutes until brown.
1) Put prepared fruit into dish.
2) Rub fat into flour into sugar until like breadcrumbs.
3) Cover fruit with mixture and bake.
This is traditionally served with custard hot, and also tastes nice with ice cream or cream, hot or cold.