Monday, 16 February 2015

#WW2 John Allpress - An Evacuee Tells Of His Experience Courtesy Of The Imperial War Museum

This is an excellent video of John Allpress, an evacuee's experience in the Second World War, courtesy of the Imperial War Museum.

#WW2 Evacuation From Towns & Cities

S.S City of Benares

Evacuation from Britain's major towns and cities was undertaken in the first 4 days of the war, nearly 3 million civilians uprooted from their homes and taken into less populated areas, even abroad.
Not everyone was lucky enough to have a good host family, some were abused. Michael Caine spoke about his experiences on Radio 4, Michael and his brother were evacuated from London, for misbehaving they were locked in a small cupboard. When his Mother found out, she assaulted the offending woman for abusing her boys, I'm sure she took them home but I can't find any evidence to support this.

There is no doubt that evacuation affected many people for the rest of their lives, but also saved many. Evacuation abroad ceased when U-boats sank a liner carrying evacuees to the United States on the S.S City of Benares. Only 13 children survived from 90 who had set out on the voyage.
Survivors in a lifeboat from the S.S City of Benares