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#WW2 Allied Bombing In The Second World War Was It Right Or Wrong?

Dresden after the raid 1945, image found at:

Allied bombing in World War 2 has been a subject for controversy for many years. It has been a victim of criticism by many, the massive air raids against Dresden, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Lubeck Hanover, Augsburg just to name a few which, for the civilians living there were catastrophic.
Have the Allied Nations from the Second World War forgotten the carnage caused by the German forces over most of Europe and the Soviet Union? The Allied nations were fighting to end the war, so its troops could go home after Hirohito, Mussolini and Hitler had all been defeated.

After June 1940 after France had surrendered, and until September 1943 when the Allies invaded Italy, the air war which the Allies concentrated their efforts was vital to winning the war, even at such a huge cost in men and aircraft. Britain was suffering in the blitz on its cities, and had to retaliate. The development of 4 engined heavy bombers like the Halifax and Lancaster proved invaluable.1000 bomber raids followed on German cities, when the U.S.A. entered the war in 1941, its air force joined the R.A.F in bombing. It suffered heavy losses as its bombers flew in daylight, the Schweinfurt Raid being infamous for losing 60 aircraft over enemy territory.  

We appear to have forgotten WHY we were bombing Germany, it is because we were at war with the Axis powers. I am sure the British and European peoples who suffered at the hands of the Luftwaffe, and took cover whilst German bombs fell on them, do not say Allied bombing was wrong.

The Soviet Union was at war with Germany from June 22nd 1941, 20 million of its citizens died by various causes. Stalin was no saint and had gone overboard with purging his own people, but cities like Sevastopol, Kiev, Stalingrad, Moscow and Leningrad were heavily bombed by the Luftwaffe. I have not heard recently of any Russians speaking out against the Allied bombing. As previously stated, bombing was the only way we could fight Germany in Europe until D-day in 1944. We need to remember we were at war,and also trying to win it. Like most people I am very grateful to Allied aircrews for their sacrifices. Thanks RCAF, RAAF, RAF, USAAF for helping us win the war.

#WW2 Wartime Shortages In Britain Pt3

As well as food, clothes, and other consumer goods being in short supply during the war, petrol and other fuels were also rationed;
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Petrol Rationing In World War 2
I found this excellent article which was originally printed in the Daily Telegraph September 1939, you can find it here;
Article first published in the Daily Telegraph, Sept 8, 1939.

Petrol ration books are available to-day on application at post offices or local taxation offices, but they cannot be used before Sept. 16 when the rationing system comes into force.

After that date no petrol for any purpose will be obtainable except against ration coupons.
Applicants who must produce the car registration book, will receive from the issuing clerk, two ration books one marked “first month” and one marked “second month” containing coupons for the quantity allowed them according to the rating of the car as shown in the registration book.
Each coupon represents one unit, which for the present represents one gallon, but the unit may be changed later.
Car owners should not that ration books are only valid during the period for which they are issued – the first between Sept. 16 and Oct. 15 and the second between Oct. 16 and Nov. 15. In other words, you cannot hoard your coupons.
Extra rations
Persons requiring more than the minimum ration represented by the books should apply to the Divisional Petroleum Officer for the area which the petrol is required. The names and addresses of these will be issued in a day or two.
A form of application for those who want motor spirit for stationary engines and purposes other than for use in road or agricultural vehicles is also to be had at post offices.
Commercial vehicle operators will also be unable to obtain motor spirit after Sept. 16 except on rations. They will get supplies through their group organisers.
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Other fuels were also rationed, if they weren't people were encouraged to save  energy as shown by the propaganda poster above. Make use of the daylight, cook one - pot meals, don't poke your fire, finish putting coal on your fire an hour before bed were all tips designed to save valuable resources. The Brtish government printed many pamphlets, some have been republished like this Make Do And Mend book