Thursday, 4 August 2011

Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure was a very funny comdey drama series made in the 1990's about the inhabitants and happenings in Cicely, Alaska. I am sure it was aired in the U.K on Channel 4. The main character (Joel Fleischman) was played by Rob Morrow, who played a mouthy New Yorker doctor, totally unused to the ways of the locals and living away from civilization. The diversity of the characters was great, Chris in the Morning - the DJ of the local radio station. Maggie O' Connell a sexy bush pilot, Maurice, an ex astronaut and Holly and Shelly the unlikely couple who run the local pub the Brick. I really miss this on TV, one day I will collect all the series, for now I have to make do with 1-3.
For more info there is an excellent website here: .
In the meantime enjoy this excellent clip from series 3 when the local Bigfoot, Adam, cooks at the Brick for a wager of $100 he needs for his health insurance. He isn't exactly a people person is he? No wonder he lives in the woods eh.