Saturday, 14 February 2009

Henry Jenkins and Morris Minors

Henry Jenkins, late of Ellerton-On Swale, reputedly lived to be 169. Honest. Here are photographs of his memorial in Bolton-on-Swale churchyard, and the poem on the wall inside St Mary's Church. Here is a link from the Northern Echo . Genuki also has published an excellent piece about him here:

Also spotted this lovely Moggie in Sandhutton. There's just something about old cars, especially an old British car from an era long past. They look more robust than modern cars, and surely their existence is proof of this. Eat your heart out Nissan, you'll never make cars like these.

Sunday, 8 February 2009


Well what can I say?

I live in England and most of the populace are in shock because it is winter and it has snowed.

Well what do you expect? A heatwave? As someone said on BBC Radio 2 last week, its a good job Hitler didn't drop snow on us, otherwise we would have lost the war.
Come on Britain get a grip, some areas of Canada have snow for months and they manage ok.
I'm not sure which direction this blog will take as I have so many interests, but I guarantee it won't be boring. I love my music and history, and of course, tractors.